Assessment Development & Scoring

Over the past decade, we have developed a system to deliver high-quality, customized assessment solutions to customers who may have believed that such services were beyond their reach. Our approach is based on the belief that to be useful, assessment products must truly align with the educational goals and instructional targets of our customers. Our team of assessment professionals begins each effort by working directly with local leaders and educators to identify the purpose and content of the assessments, and to document the intended use of the assessment results. Specific assessment development activities begin only after clear targets have been established.

Once development begins, we follow a proven process to produce final tests that meet both local needs and professional standards for validity, reliability, and fairness. Ownership of the final assessments is transferred to the client so there are no continuing license fees to pay year after year.

Psychometric Analysis & Reporting

Our experienced psychometric staff can apply the latest equating and scaling analyses to enhance the usefulness and flexibility of the final assessment forms. The application of these techniques allows for enhanced test security and gives our clients the ability to conduct meaningful value-added analyses such as tracking student progress over time on a common scale, predicting future performance on state tests, and identifying strengths and weakness among the instructional staff. These innovative solutions to assessment issues cannot be achieved through the use of generic item banks.

Training & Professional Development

Strategic Measurement and Evaluation, Inc. is dedicated to supporting educators seeking to make critical connections between assessment data and student learning. Our expert staff, supplemented by a network of nationally-recognized trainers, regularly deliver high-quality professional development workshops focused on classroom and district-level assessment needs. Recent workshops have included intensive item development trainings, detailed item analysis trainings, and multi-day formative assessment trainings. All workshops are designed to engage adult learners and include extensive hands-on experiences. 

We look forward to working with clients to customize existing workshops or create new content that will best meet client needs.

Educational Research & Evaluation

Strategic Measurement has a proven track record of designing and completing detailed program evaluations that generate key data to inform important decisions. Our design process begins by working directly with clients to identify and clarify the focus of an evaluation and to document key evaluation questions and data needs. We prefer to frame evaluation projects as a collaborative effort with our clients to ensure the final reports truly meet client needs.

Over the past decade, Strategic Measurement has developed customized surveys, interviews, and data collection procedures to support a range of evaluation projects. We look forward to sharing this experience and expertise with new clients.

Document Scanning

The scanning center for Strategic Measurement and Evaluation, Inc. (SME) houses all the necessary hardware and software to complete the inventory, scanning, and image processing for student test materials. Combined, SME’s high-speed scanners have a rated capacity to scan over 500,000 pages in an operational scanning day.

The scanning process consists of a combination of clerical check-in and documentation checks, verification reporting, and follow-up processes at the school, district, and state level. SME has developed secure materials-processing procedures to ensure that test booklets and the processing boxes are kept secure throughout processing and storage. Material movement is constantly monitored by our team as materials are processed through the scanning site. Together, these events ensure 100% accounting of all materials received for scanning.

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What They Have to Say


Scott Hinders

NWEA Vice President, Data Operations & Enterprise Quality

"I have worked with the team at Strategic Measurement and Evaluation in one capacity or another for over 10 years. In that time I have found them to be enthusiastic, detailed, hard-working professionals with a focus on meeting or exceeding client expectations. Their broad range of assessment expertise allows them to engineer and deliver custom assessment solutions and to successfully complete complex assessment-related tasks under tight timelines. I have found them to be responsive and flexible and a great team with which to work.  Hopefully, we'll have many opportunities to work together over the next 10 years."

Donna Snodgrass, Ph.D.

President of the CAP Foundation

"I have worked closely with Strategic Measurement and Evaluation (SME) on a wide variety of successful assessment projects for over two decades and, in my opinion, SME is a test director’s best friend! Rather than providing off-the-shelf and one-size-fits-all assessments, SME demonstrates the unique capacity, talent, and willingness to design your 'just right' assessment. Their custom-developed test items that flow from project blueprints directly measure the specific academic skills and capacities implied in the standards. Regarding the CAP science and social studies tests, I have repeatedly heard teachers exclaim, 'These items really measure the academic content at the levels of thinking that the standards ask me to teach!' An added bonus of working with SME is that they provide materials and training to help classroom educators transform abstract standards into instructional actions that move learning forward. SME products not only measure learning, they also promote learning. Every educational testing company promises to provide technically sound standards-aligned assessment items, meaningful reports, and professional support at a reasonable cost. SME delivers."

Coralville, Iowa - Zac portrait sesison at David Greedy Photograhy. For client Use.

Zac Henrich

Co-Founder & CEO - MZ Development

"The MZD/Strategic Measurement and Evaluation partnership began in 2016, and SME continues to be an organization that delivers innovative assessment solutions that focus on increasing simplicity and quality while decreasing costs to state and district customers. Each opportunity led by SME includes constant focus on customer service, adherence to schedules and deadlines, and the ultimate delivery of quality results. MZD has had the good fortune of being part of the NY 3-8 ELA and Math state assessment scoring project for three years, a significant effort led by SME. Each year, there are an amazing number of examples of SME going the extra mile to ensure timely and quality scoring for their district partners. The team at MZD is proud of the partnership with SME and look forward to each and every opportunity to work on new projects with SME and to better serve educators."

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